Virtual one-on-one training available from the comfort and safety of your home.

BrainRx is both a pioneer and leader in the field of cognitive training

BrainRx applies the most recent scientific research on learning to train and enhance cognitive skills. We know that cognitive skills can be enhanced not only because we can see the changes through observation and tests, but also because there is evidence derived from brain research as well. These studies show that by using proper training methods, one can target, modify, and develop the brain to improve function and strengthen cognitive deficiencies.

The client/trainer relationship is foundational to the BrainRx experience. At BrainRx, you will complete fun, challenging exercises for your brain with the help of your own personal Cognitive Trainer. The game-like exercises are enjoyable, and the fast-pace at which improvements are experienced makes the experience rewarding, as well.

The result is a powerful training system for students of all ages who want to:

Maximize learning potential Master English studies with greater ease Experience greater success in school Get help for classroom or homework struggles Improve the brain's ability to think, read, learn, reason, remember and pay attention

Program Options

BrainRx brain training programs combine the proven power of one-on-one brain training with state-of-the-art digital brain training. For a portion of their program, students work one-on-one with a personal brain trainer, doing intense mental exercises that stimulate improvements in brain performance. For the rest of their program, students do computerized brain training in our centres to reinforce and expand improvements in brain skills.

a. BrainRx Base Program

One-on-one cognitive development program over a 4-7 month period, depending on the results of the initial Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills.

Program includes a combination of:

Cognitive One-on-One Training In-centre supported Digital Training
b. BrainRx Booster Program

Booster programs are only available to clients who have completed a base program and are interested in, or require, additional cognitive training. The Booster Program can be done immediately following the Base Program, or anytime afterwards.

Program includes a combination of:

Advanced Cognitive One-on-One Training Advanced In-centre supported Digital Training