What is Brain Training?

At BrainUp, we target and remediate primary cognitive skills and multiple sub-skills through repeated engagement in game-like mental tasks delivered by a certified cognitive skills trainer.

Some interesting facts about brain training:

Brain training can't be taught in a classroom. It must be drilled, like learning to play tennis or the piano.


Our trainers use a patented methodology which includes distractions to create intensity during each workout.


When brain training exercises are done in the correct sequence, it triggers the brain's ability to handle increasingly demanding tasks.

Interesting Facts about Brain Training

To become permanent, multitasking is required to force the brain to automate familiar tasks and focus on newer ones.


To be effective, brain training needs instant feedback to avoid embedding a mistake after practicing and reinforcing.


The most effective way to create the kind of mental workout is to work one-on-one with a certified Cognitive Trainer.