Training vs. Tutoring

What's the difference?

Tutoring delivers information. Brain training improves brain performance. The majority of learning struggles do not occur because information was presented poorly and needs to be re-taught. Weak cognitive skills make learning difficult regardless of how many times that information is taught or re-taught. This is why, if a student struggled to grasp and process the information the first time it was taught, simply re-teaching that information again using a tutor is not a permanent solution. In other words, while tutoring may get a child through a project or class, if weak cognitive skills are not strengthened, learning will continue to be a struggle.

Brain Training Addresses the Cause of Learning Struggles

At BrainRx, we identify the weak cognitive skills causing the struggle, and then we target and strengthen those skills. Stronger brain skills make grasping and processing information easier than before and often eliminate the need for tutoring.

Training vs Tutoring

Three things Brain Training Does That Tutoring Doesn't

Signs that your child could benefit from BrainRx brain training include the following:

Treats the Root Cause

Brain Training strengthens the weak skills that researchers say are behind the majority of learning and reading struggles.

Provides Transferable Gains

Brain Training is an alternative to paying for tutoring year after year. That’s because doing brain training now will improve how the brain performs in every topic and class for years to come.


New studies are continually being released proving that intense mental exercise creates changes in the brain for improved performance.